Residence and Domicile

Residence and Domicile

Better travel links and faster internet connections allow us to be based and have our business almost anywhere in the world. These new freedoms can, however, create a minefield for tax purposes, raising difficult questions of tax residence and domicile with potentially painful consequences.

Current EU regulations ensure internationally mobile employees pay social security in only one EU state.  The UK has released legislation which endeavours to allow the current regulations to continue in the event of the UK leaving the UK without a deal, but this will be dependent on reciprocal action by the EU member states which may not be forthcoming.

Understanding the TAX and NIC implications of tax residence is becoming increasingly important. As specialists in this field, we can provide advice, guidance and support in all areas, including:

• Leaving and Arriving in the UK
(The Automatic tests and UK ties)
• Domicile
• The Remittance basis
• Director’s remuneration
• Employment income
(National Insurance and Tax for the employer and employee)
• Selling UK and Non UK Assets
• Inheritance tax issues for non-domiciled individuals.

If you require further information or assistance or would like to discuss your requirements please contact either: Stephen Williams or Diane Nettleton.