Cyber Essentials Plus for Kilsby Williams

Cyber Essentials Plus for Kilsby Williams

The decision to pursue the maximum Cyber Essentials compliance level has come from the increased awareness of the ever-growing threat levels within the accountancy sector, with the successful cyber-attack on HM Revenue and Customs highlighting the importance of meticulous cyber security.

Cyber Essentials is a government backed scheme designed to ensure that companies are best placed to protect their customers’ data and prepared for the threats of the digital age, such as cyber-attacks.

The scheme, which was implemented in 2014, offers two different levels of certification; Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus, and given the level of customer data that Kilsby Williams regularly handles, we chose to make a significant investment into a programme to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus status.

Our cyber security audit has seen us develop new data management systems and security protocols on our way to obtaining this high-level certification.

On the company’s commitment to cyber security, Simon Tee, Managing Partner at Kilsby Williams said: “This is a significant moment in future proofing for Kilsby Williams. It isn’t enough to pay lip service to data protection and cyber security, businesses need to be doing all that they can to ensure that their clients’ data and their peace of mind are safe.

“Our new measures mean that Kilsby Williams is ready to guarantee security to all its customers as the importance of digital technology continues to grow.”