We keep our reports short and clear

This work – supporting lawyers and their clients during litigation – is an important part of our business. We are pleased that we are able to use our core competencies from the other parts of our business in this specialised arena.

This expert witness team based in South Wales is led by a consultant who has wide experience in preparing reports and giving evidence in court. He does this work alongside other aspects of his professional life. This ensures that we bring to legal work well-rooted practical experience.

We concentrate on three areas:

  • Loss of profits and loss of earnings
  • Valuations of business in the course of disputes or matrimonial settlements
  • Professional guidance

We concentrate on keeping our reports short and clear. This we find is the best way for our clients’ case to be represented.

We are also objective. It is important for clients to know the vulnerabilities of their case as well as the strengths.

We are regularly instructed by leading Bristol chambers and by most of the leading solicitors in south Wales and the west of England. These firms give us repeat instructions because they find our work effective in the real world.

Expert Witness Contacts

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