Our team will produce the financial figures that you need

It is well known that privately owned businesses have difficulty raising equity and loan capital. In helping clients with this problem, we have a team which has experience in both professional practice and industry.

The first strand of this business is the raising of finance.

Our team will produce the financial figures that you need. They will also ensure that your business plan addresses the market place that you will trade in, the strength of your product and of your management team. We will help you identify the unique selling points that will make a plan attractive to investors.

It is important to ensure that other finance is adequate in amount and is available for a sufficiently long term. Too many businesses put themselves in a position where their bank overdraft represents almost the only source of capital. Bank loans, asset leasing or hire purchase can provide long term, and so more secure, capital.

Many businesses miss the opportunity to raise money from the public sector by way of a grant. Grants are available for a wide range of activities and increasingly, it is possible to raise grant funding even when relatively few jobs are being created. We have excellent relations with the government organisations that matter.

The second strand of this business is mergers, disposals and acquisitions.

For most private businesses, buying or selling a business is a rare event – but always an important one. We can help you set out clearly your aims and ambitions in undertaking the transaction and help you carry it through so that you get the best price, whether you are buying or selling. As with other areas of our business, experience has shown us that an active partnership between you, the client, and your advisors is the best way of winning.

Corporate Finance Contacts

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