Commercial Property Acquisitions

According to research, ‘more than 9 in 10 owners of UK commercial property — from the smallest newsagent to a 30-storey office block — will be due a tax benefit from HMRC as a result of unused capital allowances tax relief’.

It is possible to make a claim for capital allowances on fixtures that are purchased with a commercial property. Fixtures include electrical, heating and ventilation systems, kitchens, sanitaryware, alarms etc.

Claiming capital allowances on fixtures acquired with a commercial property is complex and requires the skills of both taxation and surveying professionals. Our capital allowances team have the full range of skills to prepare the claims in-house, which stands us apart from other independent accountancy practices and surveying firms.

As this service is generally outside the remit of most accountancy firms, many claims have been missed. Our capital allowances team have been assisting companies and property owners identify missed claims and unlock the tax savings available.

Key Points

  • It is not too late to claim if you still own the property (even if you bought your property in the 1990s).
  • Do not assume your accountant has already made a claim.
  • We provide a detailed report for you to give to your accountant.
  • We will negotiate and agree a claim with HMRC if required.
  • We are happy for our fee to be contingent on a successful claim.
  • This is NOT a tax loophole or avoidance scheme.

For more information or to find out if you can make a claim, please contact Matt Jeffery.

Guide to Capital Allowances for Commercial Property Owners