Clarks UK

With a client base boasting the biggest names in supermarket shopping, Wales based maple syrup producer Clarks UK found itself in desperate need of moving to larger premises to cope with demand.

In the space of just five years, Clarks had become the UK’s biggest supplier of pure and blended maple syrup, transforming the business into a £4.5m retail brand that was continuing to win orders, both at home and overseas, and diversify with new products and new revenue streams.

But that rapid growth was creating an issue that needed solving – the company was outgrowing its Newport base and had to expand – and expand fast. Clarks’ owner and founder, Bob Clark, called on Kilsby & Williams partner Simon Tee for help, and within six months the business had secured a £500,000 investment, enabling it to double the size of its operating base.

As luck would have it, the unit next to the Clarks production plant on the Queensway Meadow Industrial Park in Newport became vacant, allowing the company to take over the extra space, bringing the production lines, office and admin areas and the warehousing which supplies the likes of Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons all under one roof.

Their £500,000 investment included a Welsh Government grant secured with the help of Simon Tee, giving Clarks the confidence to plan ahead for the next five years in the knowledge that their newly-expanded base would continue to fill all their needs for the foreseeable future.

Simon said: “It was tight turnaround, but we succeeded in being able to source growth funds for Clarks so the business could expand and increase its profitability at the same time.

“The Clarks expansion programme had all the ingredients for a successful grant claim with capital investment, job creation and a great track record. It is also very satisfying to be helping a local business to make national headlines.

We are continuing to provide a full accountancy and business advisory service to Clarks and are delighted to be playing a key role in one of the fastest growing, Welsh based, UK wide retail success stories.