Audits provide a strong level of assurance on a business.

Company audit

Audits are something many companies require because the law says that they are required. Properly carried through, an audit can be more than simply complying with the law. We believe that you should see some benefit from money spent on an audit.

So when we audit we try to ensure that we are prompt and that we get it right. We also look carefully to make sure you have accounting policies which are fair and that present your business in a good light to your bankers, customers and suppliers. Accounting policies can impact on the amount of tax you pay. It is important to look carefully at these areas to minimise tax leakage.

Internal audit

We offer an internal audit service to provide a review of financial controls set up by management. We can provide this as a separate ad hoc service to provide a fresh look on an organisation and help reduce the risk of the company being exposed to corporate fraud.

Specialist audits

Our team has extensive experience in dealing with the SAR requirement of our legal clients. We also undertake separate assignments on European grant audits and pension audits.



Audit Experts

If you require more information on our audit services or would like to discuss your audit requirements, please contact